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“Let’s dance, devil.” Veteran Tanner North disarms bombs in New York City and business seems to be picking up, putting him on alert. While in the military, he faced his share of challenges but when a rescue in Kosovo went bad and a young mother lost her life, he blamed himself for the failure. Could he have saved her if he’d taken different actions? What if he were to have a second chance to test his decision making in a life-or-death situation—one where the outcome is very personal.

“I want him.” Lannie Sawyer needs the job Leo Russo offers worse than she’d care to admit. But how to approach a man who has made his dislike of her clear. In fact, Tanner North has threatened her with a restraining order if she comes around again. Lannie has never backed down from a challenge, and she won’t, not with her grandmother’s happiness on the line.

 Aut viam inveniam aut faciam—I’ll either find a way or make one.


Lannie Sawyer fidgeted while Leo Russo thumbed through her portfolio. She bit her lip as he glanced up and back down. Damn hard reading the man. Did he, or did he not, like her work?

“A Pulitzer.”


“Huh.” He flipped another page.


“You’re great with stories on war and death, but what about something a little more—feel good? Ever do fashion stories or stuff on pet owners looking like their poodles?”

“I’ve done arts and entertainment pieces.” And other things I’d rather not mention.

He furrowed his brow and scanned the contents, sifting through the clips. “I don’t see any—”

“I only included my best.”

“So, what you’re saying is, your best doesn’t include feel-good stories?”

“I didn’t mean—”

“Did you not say, Ms. Sawyer, your samples are of your best?”

She opened her mouth and he lifted his hand, cutting her off.

“I don’t need an article on war orphans.” He turned another page and froze. Leo stared at the photo for what seemed like forever. Lannie squirmed. Seconds later he turned the book around and jabbed his finger onto the image. “I need him.”

“Excuse me?”

Heat Level: 4