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Evolution never happened so fast.  

Twelve hours outside of Terra II, Colonel Kaleb Titan, a molecular geneticist and commander of the Ark faces a life or death choice that could change the fate of mankind.

The Genesis I, aka the Ark, travels with a hold full of wildlife and three crew members. When a wolf bite and genetically-altering gamma radiation transform Kaleb, he notices his senses have been heightened, his libido has gone haywire and he can’t keep his hands off his crew. Worse yet, they don't seem inclined to stop him.

When their sister ship, the Genesis II arrives early, Kaleb’s problems compound. As soon as the command crew of the Genesis II boards, one whiff tells Kaleb they’re not from Earth or who they appear to be.

When he discovers that they’ve kept the Genesis II’s crew of over two thousand alive, he begins to believe their reasons may be far more ominous than anyone could have imagined. However, he also discovers what’s holding them back. The hijackers seem to be allergic to canines.

Now they're forced to employ biological warfare against their own, but will it be enough to save humanity?

History is about to repeat and only one species will survive.


Excerpt: (Pivotal choice #4 Kaleb decides to use a biological weapon against his alien enemy.)

"It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have stopped you. I should have let you infect them instead of delaying it. I…."

"No. It happened before they arrived. There was nothing you could do."

She burst into tears and dropped her head. "Oh, God. You were right. They want to eat us."

"I wish I wasn’t." He pulled her into his arms and let her cry. For the second time that day he felt helpless, defeated, and for the second time, he pulled himself together to be strong, knowing if he was anything but, the world would crumble around them.

"I’m now the commander of this entire mission." He pressed the remote into her hands. "Give them a dose. I hope they choke on it." For every action, there was an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s Law was the law of the universe and he was about to put it to the test. Everything man did, right or wrong, had consequences. Though he’d like time to sit and contemplate what those consequences were, that wasn’t feasible. Lives were at stake, and maybe even the human race.

Melissa placed her finger over the button. "For my sister."

He nodded. "For Earth."

She pressed and they stared at one another.